Sunday, June 14, 2015

Before and After

There are not enough hours in the day.  It has been non-stop nonsense around here but it's too late in the day to tell you about it now.  Not that I have let that stop me before, but there's still a sink full of dirty dishes calling my name before I go to bed.  And I want to go to bed early (meaning by 11:00) so I can read some of the book I got in the mail:

Yippee.  I can't wait to find out how I died.

In other news, most of the painting that has been going on around here happened outside.

Yes, that is the side of my garage and yes, it used to be white.  White vinyl, which meant it was a pain in the ass to paint (scrubbing with a 3-part mixture and then two coats of paint with a brush).  It looks totally different out back now and although I finally got my hammock chair to work and it is lovely to sit out there hanging from a tree, the mosquitoes have been so miserably bad it hasn't been much fun.  I have lost so much blood to the little bastards that I feel lightheaded.

On another note, still paint related, there's this:

It was an experiment.  I think I like the before better than the after even though it's just silver sharpie on a brown background.  The after is in the questionable pile but - no pun intended - it's growing on me.  And speaking of growing, I planted some vegetables.  More on that later.  The only other thing I've painted is something possibly, depending on how I feel about it when I look at it again in the morning, for Derek's next Bigfork show to coincide with Leslie's book launch party.

You know, the book I'm going to be reading later tonight.  

The book launch party I had my heart set on going to.

More on that later, too.  Right now I must empty a sink.

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