Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring? Bring It.

Poodle and I were rock stars this week.  Sort of.  We had our three mile "run" on Tuesday and we felt pretty good about it.  Then on Thursday we threw caution to the wind and went about 4.5 miles.  It was a lovely, lovely day -- the sun was shining and it was pretty warm outside.  Felt like spring.

Then it was Friday.  Whoa.  How's this for spring?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  A bit misleading, but it DID get up to about 60.  We cranked out another 4.5 miles, and we were about two miles in when I realized my shirt was on inside out.  Doh. I knew I was a fashion accident, but didn't realize the exact extent.  It was a bright purple long-sleeved shirt, underneath a dark grey t-shirt.  With this:

I think my shoes glow in the dark.

Anywho, we got home and I found a guaranteed sign of spring:

Yippee!  One of the bulbs I planted last fall!  Spring has sprung!  (I'm not going to mention that the temperature is 25 degrees colder today and it is snowing right now....)  Roxie celebrated our long run by bathing in the snowbank:

She was soaked.  I think someone is going to get a REAL bath tomorrow night.

Back inside, we've got something that turned out more curious than I was expecting - but it's interesting anyway - and something that turned out more awesome than I was expecting.  You decide which is which:

Yessirree.  But now we are packing for an overnight trip to Hinesburg and time's a-wastin', so in conclusion, here's a joke in honor of Abby who is playing in a tournament today:

Q:  What do Easter Bunny helpers get for making a basket?
A:  Two points, just like anyone else on the team.

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