Friday, March 20, 2015

Second Sight

Things have come to a screeching halt around here while I suffer through a wickedly uncomfortable toothache.  I have no tolerance for pain so maybe out in the real world this isn't so bad, but I've been eating Ibuprofen like candy and mainlining Orajel.  I tried gargling with salt water, sipping apple cider vinegar, putting a paste of ground cloves on my gums (Marsha - that one HURT!) and just plain putting my head on my desk and crying.  Wednesday was the worst day, then Thursday wasn't very bad at all.  Today has been mostly okay until about an hour ago.  My dentist appointment is on Monday and at this point I will be happy if they yank out all my teeth and give me George Washington dentures.  Okay, not really.  Pain may be making me delirious.

I DO have this to share.  I tried to recreate the moose in my big sketchbook and although he came out halfway decent, he's not as good as the first one.  One big difference:  he has an eye full of Christopher Columbus.

Heh heh.  I should name the drawing The Santa Maria, except it's a bull moose.  What a conundrum.

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