Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If it looks like a duck....

Two days in a row it has been spring.  Poodle and I walked down to the cemetery and back yesterday and although she came home with a ridiculously muddy coat, she did not have to wear her boots. Ditto for today, when we walked to Route 12 and back.  Heaps of snow have melted.  I let Roxie outside when I got home today and, although she would be mortified if she knew I were writing this, she was mid-poop when the last of the snow slid off the back of the roof.  Scared the crap out of her - quite literally.

Here's a thing that will probably never see the light of day in any other form.  I used my flip flops in the picture for scale and yes, I was in fact wearing them yesterday.

I might smear some oil pastels on there when the paint dries.

Here's a wall that makes me happy:

Happy happy  joy joy.

What number are we up to for March art?  Here's the wreath from a couple days ago:

Why take one picture when you can take three?  Those colors are a bit Suessical.  And speaking of which sort-of-but-not-really, in case anyone has been wondering, Cindy Lou Who is alive and well and working for Verizon.  I had a Live Chat with her on Monday when I tried to figure out if Verizon was boycotting the whole "spring forward" thing, or if it was just my phone.  She spells her name Cyndi Lu now.

Last but not least, here's the next in what is going to be a series of 8" x 8" cradled panels:

Two more are wet on the table.  There will be six total.  Until I order more panels.  Yes, I am amassing a pile of new artwork because yes, I am doing a craft fair the first weekend of May.  Between the wreaths and the paintings I think I will have enough art, now I just have to figure out how to build a lightweight, portable wall.  Or more specifically, how to get the half-baked idea out of my head and into reality.  I shall reconnoiter at Home Depot in the near future.  (I was going to write, "there will be a reconnaissance mission to Home Depot" but then I wouldn't have been able to use the word "reconnoiter.")  (Ha.  Got to use it twice.)

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