Friday, February 6, 2015

Take a page from my book

That's a swell name for a blog post.  Most particularly because the image in the following photo is, quite literally, a page from my book.  My sketch book.

What a hot mess, but that's okay - this was just me messing around.

I learned it is not a good idea to use clear gesso to stick stuff down, because even though it is clear, it still leaves tracks.  Mod podge would have been a better choice.  I also learned it is fun to make puffy letters with my molding paste.

I just found a small jar of fiber paste that Dick Blick sent me as a present once.  I will have to try that next.  Although "next" has already happened:

Woo hoo, another hot mess!  It really went bad over there on the right.  It's a Valentine explosion.  I've got two other things drying right now, both experimental in nature.  One I think I can varnish tonight, and the other is the craziest happy accident ever that involves being upside down and backwards.  I'm not sure if it is done yet so I am letting it sit overnight and I will see how it feels tomorrow.  I think it needs something else but I'm not sure what.

Also in the "pending" department, here is a preview of the next wreath:

And speaking of wreaths, my test postcards got here yesterday and I am looking for feedback.  If you would like me to mail you one, let me know.  I think they are C-O-O-L cool.

Update:  I just varnished the first experiment and it is a sweet little piece.  For some reason it reminds me of Madeline (the books) but I just checked the illustrations on google and my painting looks NOTHING like anything in the books.  But it's the colors.  You'll see what I mean tomorrow....