Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S&P 500

Since Derek posted it on the Frame of Reference facebook page today, I guess I can post it here, too.  MY YUMMY PAINTING FROM THIS WEEKEND!  Here's the deal.  Leslie has another book coming out in a couple of weeks.

We should all take a lesson from this woman.  When you decide you want something, go for it.  Leslie wanted to write (because being a lawyer -- *yawn*) and here she is launching her third mystery, with a fourth - the most important one because I'm the dead chick - in July, all on the heels of a non-fiction book that won an Agatha Award.  Oh yeah, and her first mystery won an Agatha Award, too.  So this book is the start of a new series set in Seattle.  The main character is named Pepper and she owns a spice shop.  Derek is hosting a book launch party for Leslie on March 6th (put it on your calendar) and he asked if I would send my new paintings so he can have a small Christine-Is-Awesome party at the same time as Leslie's book launch.  Well, okay, so maybe he didn't really say that.  But I'm sending my paintings and we both thought it would be a swell idea if I could paint something to tie in with Leslie's book.  Derek suggested the subject matter and ... here is the end result:

WOO HOO!  I love it.  The background is very loosely based on the colors of the book cover.  Very loosely.  I forgot to take a picture of the empty background, but here is my draft of the salt and pepper shakers:

Then I held my breath, crossed my fingers, said a prayer, and hoped for the best:

Safely out of the I-could-wreck-it-at-any-moment phase!  I wanted to leave it just like that, but it needed the S and the P in the colors of the title on the book cover.

Now, how to ship it without smooshing it....

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