Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kerry Thompson

I painted something wickedly awesome on Saturday, but I can't show you yet.  The time is not right.  Therefore, I am sending you off on an adventure to someone else's blog.  Kerry Thompson is the artist who inspired my template trees.  She is a Canadian who lives in Australia and you may know her by her other name, Kerry Millard, which is the name she uses as an author, illustrator and cartoonist.  She illustrated "Nim's Island" and a billion other things.  Plus she's been a clown.  That part worries me.

Anywho, Kerry was featured on an Australian show called Colour in Your Life; I've moved on from Ellen YouTube clips and have been binge watching this show instead.  The host of the show, an artist named Graeme Stevenson, spends a day with an artist while they are working on a piece, and throughout the resulting 24 minute video you see screenshots of some of the artist's work.  One of Kerry's paintings that popped up looked like a bunch of multi-colored trees on a white background and I thought that was so cool.  You know the rest.  So today I went to Kerry's website to look at that painting again and I found this blog post instead.  Take the time to read it.  She's a hoot.  Apparently she is also a queen of happy accidents.  Then, if you have a spare 24 minutes, watch the video here.  They've got some crazy good artists Down Under.

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