Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back in the Day

Do you remember, back in the day, when each blog post would have three or four or seven new paintings?  Yeah, those were the days.  I remember them fondly.

I missed my goal of finishing a new painting in January by 12 minutes.  It was looking good, until suddenly it wasn't.  I'm going to share the painting because, as I once said here, you get the bad with the good.  You will be able to tell right away what is bothering me about this piece.  (FYI:  the varnish was fresh when I took the pictures, hence the panel is sitting ON the frame rather than IN the frame.)

See what I'm talking about there?  It doesn't have a name yet, although in my head I call it "Los Dos."  My questionable pile keeps growing; I will take this one out again in a couple months and see how I feel about it then.

I did start February on a positive note but first, a tangent:  I am really intrigued by how different brands of paint have such different characteristics.  I mostly use three brands of acrylics (not counting the metallics - that would make four) and I supplement with some craft paint because I like the colors.  The craft paint is very chalky when it dries, and by that I mean when I scrape it off my "palette" it comes off as bits of dust and powder.  The Golden acrylics, however, are so nice and yummy and elastic that I can peel the dried paint right off the palette.  It's cool.  Obviously I am easily amused.  I need to get out more.

Anyway, back to the positive note.  I call it "Night Blooming, Waning Gibbous."

Fancy name, crappy pictures.  It is hard to tell but everything except the luscious brown - which I haven't used in a while so had forgotten how it could TOTALLY be brownie batter's stunt double - is an interference color.  They catch the light nicely, although that works best if the canvas is moving around.  Which is not likely when it is hanging on the wall, unless you live in earthquake country.  I'd like to say my waning gibbous moon was something I did on purpose but, alas, happy accidents are my forte.  Gotta be good at something....

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