Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Neath the Cover of October Skies

These bad boys are in my front yard:

The light was crap when I got home from work yesterday, but the trees were mighty fine.  Thank goodness my lawn mower mulches leaves nicely.

The weather has been absolutely glorious the last few days.  Tomorrow I'm heading back to Hinesburg for another round of photos with Delaney, her friend Maddie and Johan.  We are hoping I can take decent enough pictures for their senior portraits.  Last weekend, when we had our first roving photo shoot, the foliage at my house was incredible, but it hadn't really hit in Hinesburg.  We shall see if a week has made a difference.  Here are three of my favorite pictures from near my house last week; I'm hoping to find this kind of crazy nonsense with Delaney tomorrow:

All this color has inspired me and I started a new painting last night.

I know, right?  I will show you the whole thing after I varnish it -- you know how I am about shiny things.  The color has inspired me in another way, too.  When it comes to interior accents I have decided to subscribe to that old standby theory:  go big or go home.  Ergo, to dress up a 100" long gold couch that is older than I am, we went here:

My new favorite color.  I might paint the wall that color.  It goes with everything.  Poodle agrees.

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