Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fair-weather Fowl

Quick, here's a new rooster I painted:

First I wanted to name him "Rubberneck."  Don't ask why, for some reason it felt right.  Then I thought he kinda looks like a weather vane, hence "Fair-weather Fowl."  Or maybe he should be called "Vanity Fair."  Or just "Elvis."  Now I'm getting confused.  I pilfered that frame before I left Montana and needed to paint something to fit.  (Aside to Derek:  it had been upstairs since the dawn of time.  I'm sure we were never going to use it for anything.)  The Open Studio Tour is only a few weeks away and I suddenly realized I've got very few new pieces.  I'm not sure anyone is actually going to come, but just in case I want to have something to show for myself.  Plus, I didn't want you to think I spend all my time rummaging around in my backyard garbage dump....

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