Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Nope, not a flood.  As of this morning I've got running water in my bathroom again.  Woo hoo!  Last night it looked like this:

This.  Is.  Crazy.  The bathroom looks huge now, which is weird because when it was totally empty it looked tiny.  I can't wait to get rid of that awful blue paint, but that is last on the list.  Dean thinks today they can cut the hole for the vanity light (he said Matt - the electrician - centers the light on the faucet, which was just installed yesterday) and mud the wall.  Maybe that means Matt is coming back today.  He can fix the ceiling light fixture I swapped out over the weekend.  I wasn't quite channeling my inherited electrician gene and I've been waiting for sparks to fly and the house to burn down.  We won't talk about how I managed to drop one of the wee small pieces down the toilet pipe.  Yes, I did.  Of course I did.  But no need to mention it here.

Moving on.

Is it wrong to soften butter by putting it on a floor heat register?  Just wondering.

Remember the gold frames I mentioned the other day?  The ones I'm having a hard time finding a use for?  Did I mention they remind me of a giraffe?  Here's an awkward painting for an awkward frame:

Yessirree, I think this is the start of the Questionable Pile, Vermont Edition.  I was thinking spring, and trying to find something that works with this color of gold and that won't be overwhelmed by the gold texture.  I don't know, maybe it will grow on me.

Heh heh.

That was funny.

I had an idea that I thought was going to be awesome, but the execution of which may have resulted in a hot mess.  It still needs a second coat of varnish, and is much better in real life, but this painting is called "I Love You Like Sugar on Snow."

Twice I had to scrape and scrub all that red paint off - if you look in my garbage you would think someone had a serious industrial accident around here.  Curiously enough, at some point I noticed I was leaving bloody fingerprints all over my house - hence the band aid on my finger in this picture - so I guess someone DID have an industrial accident.  No idea how it happened, and not even sure when.  The excitement level around here is obviously so high I don't even notice when I cut the crap out of my finger.

Here is a better (I think) picture of my favorite painting from the other day.  I am going to name it Golden Girls:

Again, it is better in real life.

I am softening butter on my heat register because I'm going to make chocolate cherry cookies.  Partly because I am craving something sweet, and partly to feed my contractor dudes.  Maybe other people who have lived through a remodel that involved professional help don't get as thrilled by the little things, like new kitchen cabinets that DO look all snug and cozy in a crooked space, and running water in a brand new bathtub, but I am very appreciative.  The least I can do - besides pay them the big bucks - is stuff them full of sugar.

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