Monday, March 17, 2014

Funday Monday

And so it begins, another week of getting up early.  But this time, I have a good reason.  There were contractor dudes next door today.  Woo hoo!  Progress is happening in bits and pieces, but so far I have a bathtub in my bathroom again (a much prettier and brand new bathtub).  I've got a kitchen door, window and pantry door trimmed out again.  I think I also have a few of the base cabinets installed, which is great except I really wanted to paint the two big ones before they got installed, and those were the two broken cabinets.  They are fixed now, but I didn't get to paint them....  I'm also a little worried about how everything is going to line up.  Remember, there is not a single straight line in my little crooked house, including walls, ceiling and floor.  So I don't think I'm going to end up with a bunch of level cabinets that look like one solid piece.  I think I am going to have wonky gaps between them.  I hope not, but we shall see.

I DID paint a crap ton of other stuff today, tho.  See?

Busy, busy, busy.  But first, I decided the other day I am not going to paint anything except flowers until the snow melts, so I ended up with this:

I like it.  It's bright and perky.  Looks even better in a dark frame.

Then I painted another one, which is ... meh.  It's okay.

I'm trying to paint something that will work in some gold photo frames I got at the tradeshow in Vegas, and this painting is not it.  So last night I painted the background of another panel in a dark brown.  I finished that one today, but haven't taken its picture yet.  Nothing exciting there.  Then, while digging through a bunch of miscellaneous paper today, I found this old thing:

Somehow these trees made me think of fall (wait - it's not even officially spring yet!) and away we went on a tangent.

And my favorite of the day, the one that makes me feel like a grown up, is this next one.  As soon as the varnish dries I will get better pictures.  I was afraid to carry it around too much because it would be just my luck that I drop it face down and spend the rest of the night picking carpet fuzz out of the varnish.  That would absolutely happen to me.


The appliance delivery guys were here late this afternoon.  I didn't open the boxes - hope they didn't bring me a dishwasher by accident.

Yesterday I found Roxie sitting in my blue chair, with her head resting on the chair arm, contemplating the five foot tall pile of snow out the back window.

That stuff better start melting soon - spring is this week!  And yes, it really is a five foot tall pile.  When it slides off my roof it sounds like an avalanche.

Lastly, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is my Chinese fortune:


P.S.  I just checked next door and those base cabinets are NOT installed yet, so I'm going to slap a coat of primer on the back and sides tonight.  That will make me feel better, and it's all about me me me.  Because, you know, why not?

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