Friday, February 21, 2014

George Foreman

I discovered it is possible to cook fried eggs on a George Foreman grill.

Tonight, when I do this again, I will crack the eggs into a bowl first so I can use my left hand to hold the grill more level.  I had it resting on the lid of a pot, but it slipped off and the counter got a bit messy.

"But Christine," you may say, "why go to such extremes when you can just eat Chinese take out for a couple of days.  Your range should be fixed by now."  Yes, that is all true.  But I got an email from Sears saying the replacement part has been backordered.  Indefinitely.  HAHAHAHAHA!  That's so funny.  Luckily, I got another email two days later saying the part had shipped.  The propane guy is coming over on Tuesday morning to fix everything.  Not sure how I am going to feed my house guests this weekend, but I will worry about that tomorrow.

Here is a picture of some stuff:

I didn't think I would have any real news to report, so this was going to be filler.  Then there is this:

Oh sweet poodle.  Mom's air mattress is still set up in the living room; we use it as a chaise.  And poodle naps there.

Yesterday I finally got off my butt and did a little work.  First I went and joined a gym.  I.  Need.  Some.  Exercise.  Now that I've got 24-hour access to treadmills, rowing machines and free weights, I already feel better about myself.  But back to the remodel.  I put the first coat of paint on the kitchen beadboard walls.  Do you have any idea how time consuming that is?  I basically painted the entire kitchen with a brush, because I had to get in all those wee little cracks.  Then I went over it all again with a roller.  I really thought I would get to the second coat yesterday, but in the middle of the night I realized that wasn't going to happen and I still needed to slap more Kilz in the pantry.  Two o'clock in the morning, and I went to bed, thoroughly covered with a layer of oil-based paint.  That stuff stinks.

So I was just getting out of bed, literally JUST getting up, when I noticed someone was at the door.  The floor installer guy was early.  ACK!  He got started on the bathroom floor while I placed an emergency call to my contractor friends, and they came over to de-squeak the kitchen floor.  Now, seven hours later, here is my new bathroom floor:

Wicked nice, for in-stock sheet vinyl!  The beadboard will end up being white, and those walls - the ones that have been pink, green and hideous blue - will be either a pale lavender or some kind of apple green.  First I have to fix my mirror mess (which will involve cutting off the flappy bits of drywall, then skim coating it with mud).  I need to pick a color and get it done before Tuesday next week because that's when I'm hoping the Home Depot delivery truck will get here.

Now for the kitchen:

It looks so tiny with poodle sitting in the middle of the floor!  The blue thing leaning against the wall is a piece of mightycore painted cabinet color.  It's a Behr color called Ionic Sky.  I'm going to have the paint guy here at Ace Hardware match it because he can get it for me in an oil-based paint, and Home Depot can't.  I will have a whole lot of cabinets to paint next week.  Oh, and Morrisville Lumber is making my wood countertops.  I'm still stunned I can afford them.

I love to see visible progress.  The kitchen and bathroom are going to look SOOOOOO different from their previous selves.  They already do, but the end results are going to be crazy good.

We just had a bunch of wicked thunder and hard, heavy rain.  Roxie put herself to bed.  Hmmm.  Naptime.  Sounds like a good idea.