Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thank You For Being A Friend

Hey, remember me?  I live here.  But I've been conspicuously absent for the past 20 days.  Life went crazy and poof!  There you go.  Thank you to everyone who has continued to read my blog, even though I have not been able to post anything new - I don't know who you are, but I know you are out there. 

Now.  I have lots to report and no time to do it in, so let's just have this little recap:

This is what has happened in the past week or so.  The first four paintings are going home with my sister (with a few extras, but don't tell her) as soon as I pack and ship them.  Daisy Dog actually sold twice - TWICE! - on the same day, no less.  Kathy (my sister) bought it and about an hour later I got an email from Etsy saying someone else bought it through my Etsy store.  Yikes!  I told Kathy I would paint her another one that looks more like her dog Ruby.  (Now I've gotta come through with that....)  Blue Skies also sold through Etsy.  PB&J sold here at the gallery while I was in Vermont, and Pinhead sold yesterday.  Craziness.  Absolute craziness.

At a later date I will catch you up on my sister's visit to Montana with her family, and my subsequent trip to Vermont to see my dad.  I also need to clean my house, get caught up at work, mow the lawn and help Derek stain the deck over at the house, fix my left taillight, pack up some of my crapola, and fix my terrible eating habits.  I will not be doing all of this today.

Stay tuned....

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