Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spontaneous Art Purchases

I'm all for spontaneous art purchases, especially if it is someone else purchasing one of my pieces (heh heh).  I did it myself just the other day.  If you have been following along here for a while, you will know that I have never posted pictures of artwork by any other artists.  I know, seems rude doesn't it.  Well that's about to change, because you HAVE to see my spontaneous art purchase.  It.  Is.  So.  Awesome.

It is a stunning glass bowl that looks like a nest, made by a local glass and metal artist here in Bigfork named Lee Proctor.  Lee makes some absolutely incredible pieces.  Check out his website here to see some of the commissioned pieces he has created, especially the larger-than-life sandhill cranes.  Really cool.

In other news, I had a pair of what I think were screech owls at my house last night.  They were definitely owls, but they were bigger than what Wikipedia says to expect from screech owls, and they made the strangest noises.  I didn't get any pictures because it was practically dark out.  Maybe they will be back again today.

In still other news, I finally painted something.  Here it is:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Yes, I painted those.  They are little wooden pegs we are going to use in our latest shadowbox project at work.  They will be used to hold a very decorative, intricately beaded necklace in place.  The client wears the necklace frequently, but it is too delicate to throw into a jewelry box, so we are building a shadowbox she can hang on the wall that opens.  The necklace will be strategically placed on the wooden pegs.  It will be a work of art.  We so smaht.

I truly intend to paint something at home soon.  Maybe today.  I'm in a slump with everything right now and need to jolt myself out of it.  I suspect my next painting project may involve spray paint and plastic Adirondack chairs, but it's a start.

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