Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Slowly but Surely

I'm still trying to get my painting mojo back, so I'm starting slow and easy.  With this project:

HA!  Those suckers used to be green.  They have been living under the deck down at the house for about six years.  At least.  I will be having more house guests next month and, in an effort to provide a place for them to actually sit down, I resurrected these chairs with two cans of red spray paint made specifically for plastic.  I took the picture from far away because a) it looked cool, and b) you really don't want to see the chairs up close.  As I said in my facebook status about a week ago, getting even coverage with a can of spray paint isn't in my skill set.  I might be painting a table and four chairs, so I will take my sister Ann's advice:  lots of light coats.  I do love the look of bright red with all the greenery, though.  Purty.

Here's a painting I did that isn't very good:

I've been debating whether to show it to you, but finally decided you are going to get the bad with the good.  This is my interpretation of Dockstader Island here in Bigfork, but I need to loosen it up a bit.  Some of the painting I really like.  These two bits, for instance:

As a whole, the painting is too tight.  I'm trying again.  In fact, I've got four paintings in the works right now.  I've been an emotional wreck the past few days, so I'm countering that by concentrating my efforts on mastering my trifecta.  Poodle and I have gone running two days in a row, I've cut out all the crap food, and I'm working on my art.  All at the same time.  I have never been able to make this work, but I'm giving it my best shot right now.  Stay tuned - I hope to have some happy art to share soon.

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