Friday, June 14, 2013

Summertime ... for a minute

A client of ours told me yesterday that in the month of June last year, here in the Flathead Valley, it rained 27 out of 30 days.  She knows this because she grows wine grapes so keeps track of weather details.  We have had more sunny days this year in June, but today isn't one of them.  Sunday (aptly named) was beautiful; high 70s with a little breeze.  The wild daisies are just beginning to bloom.

The wild rose bushes are blooming and they smell really good if you get up close.

I think one of the larger rose bushes is being invaded.  Anybody know what this is called?  I'm thinking it's a monkey-something.

Poodle and I played ball and although this is normally a thrilling experience for her, this time momma almost had heart failure.  A doe came out of the woods and watched us, then started running after the ball with Roxie.  Made me a bit nervous.  I tried to chase her away by waving the Chuck-It stick at her, but that didn't work.  After five or six trips back and forth (during which poodle was totally focused on the ball - I'm not even sure she noticed the deer was running behind her), the doe caught up and started pawing Roxie's back as she was running.  Momma was VERY upset.  It's a good thing I don't own an assault rifle.  We stopped playing, and I taught that deer some new words.

Turns out the doe was protecting her babies and she decided my entire yard and the entire field by the house is her territory.  Before we were playing, in fact, she chased Bones all the way around to the front of the house.  When we got back from a walk later in the afternoon, this is what we saw:

I think she brought them out of the woods so I could see she had babies to protect, because I haven't seen them at all in the past five days.  Those little buggers were tiny.

Anyway, here is a lovely picture of dog butts.

And here is a story in pictures.  It goes like this - Bones gets in the pool.

Bones splashes in the pool and tries to bite the water.

Roxie sees, and is convinced Bones found something good in there.

One in, one out!

Funny dogs.  Thank you, Bones, for sharing your pool.

Still nothing in the painting department.  I have an idea for a landscape I want to try and I will be wickedly surprised if it works out.  I will keep you posted.

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