Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run FASTER Forrest, run FASTER!

Poodle and I were all decked out for greatness yesterday - she was going to set a distance PR.  The wind was blowing, sure, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  By mile 1.5 I was lamenting the fact that my heavy fleece pullover and lycra shorts left me way over dressed on my top half.  There were dark, ominous clouds to the north, but the wind was coming straight out of the west so I figured the clouds would stay north.  Alas, I was wrong.  At mile 3.5 I looked up and those dark clouds were racing our way.  It was like something out of a movie - there was a vertical line between blue sky and dark nastiness.  The wind picked up BIG time, and it started to rain/snow/hail.  Suddenly I was under dressed on my bottom half.  Poodle picked up the pace.  It took a bit of convincing before I got her to understand that momma wouldn't be able to sprint home, which was 1.5 miles away.  We made it without getting clobbered by any errant tree branches, and without getting totally soaked, but we got home to find no power.  We also found a text message from Derek that said there was a blizzard in Kalispell and if we hadn't left for our run we should not go.  HA!  Turns out the power outage was thanks to a GIANT pine tree (or some wicked tall tree with lots of green pointy stuff) that took power lines practically to the ground.  When I drove by this morning I saw that the tree had at least three tops and the whole thing had come out of the ground intact, roots included.  Search & Rescue said there were over seven foot waves on the lake yesterday.  And it's snowing again today.  Boo.  Happy Spring.

On another note, for reasons I cannot explain at the moment I am dusting off one of my favorite quotes:

Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat
and taking the tartar sauce with you.

-- Zig Ziglar

Yes, it is time to exude confidence.  I'll let you know all about it as soon as I am able.  I don't want to jinx anything.  I'm also dusting off one of my favorite fortunes:

I call that photo "self portrait with fortune."  Heh heh.

Here is a sneak peak of something else:

If this project works out it has the potential to be quite clever.  Stay tuned - I will know more tomorrow.

Rock and roll, people.  Rock and roll.

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