Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a Sunday thing

I woke up on Sunday and listened to some very furtive activity in my ceiling.  I think my squirrel was back, and was trying not to make any noise while he moved in all his furniture and luggage.  As long as he's quiet, we're good.  If he moves in with a big-screen tv, all bets are off.

Poodle and I ran three miles in a light rain on Sunday, and were quite pleased  Monday to find that both the rain AND SNOW had stopped.  My hip is still acting all wonky, but I can run through that pain.  Unfortunately, at mile 5.5 on Monday, I lost my right knee again.  Grrrr.  My self-diagnosis is IT Band issues.  There will be lots of weird stretching in my immediate future.  When we got home - literally as we ran back into the driveway - poodle asked if she could play ball.  Really?  REALLY?  Six miles wasn't enough for you?  No.  So she chased the ball for another couple of miles.  After some lunch and some laundry, she chased the ball again for a couple miles.  That kid is crazy.  We walked down to the river and Zoom came out to run around, then we walked home and Bones was outside and they ran around some more.  I'm tired just thinking about it all.

I checked airfare again today and can't quite get myself to buy a ticket.  It's $841.00, and that includes going through Seattle in both directions, with a five hour layover in Seattle on my way to Vermont.  Yowza.  Maybe tomorrow the price will have dropped.  And maybe I'm smoking crack.

Here's a painting.

"Two Blue."  That's all she wrote.


  1. Is that the piece you wanted to cut off your long painting you showed us the other day?

    1. Nope. I thought I posted that one already, but didn't. I'll do it now!