Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hopping down the bunny trail

As I mentioned yesterday, poodle and I had a fabulous Easter weekend.  It started Saturday afternoon.  Actually, back up a day.  We intended to close early on Friday because it was so freaking nice outside.  Derek left at 1pm, and I was going to close at 3pm and then come in at 1pm on Saturday.  As it turned out, I got a little busy on Friday and didn't get to leave until 4:45.  Not much of an early day.  I even had to call Derek down at the bike shop and ask him to come back for a minute because I had several people in the gallery needing help.  We went home and ripped out a quick 3 mile run.  (Okay, it wasn't that quick.)  On Saturday, I got to work at noon-something so I could take my laptop to the library and use their wifi to download Skype.  We DID close early on Saturday - out the door by 1:50.  Sweet.  Roxie got to play ball three times that afternoon.  I vacuumed out my car and washed the windows in my wee home - all four of them.  Two things to cross off my March list.  I wandered around taking some pictures:

Icky poo pond water.  This is why I call poodle Swamp Dog when she sticks her toes in the pond.

I walked the plank, and didn't fall in.

Look over there!

Now the other way!

I spy with my little eye a green jeep that needs a bath.

Saturday night I finished the painting I posted yesterday (and yes, I did chop four inches off the right side).

This is how I end up with paint all over everything I own.

Sunday was also a beautiful day, but it started out questionably.  We got up, poodle had breakfast, then we went back to bed.  As we were luxuriating in the fact that we didn't have to get up until whenever we wanted, I heard a scritch scritch noise in my ceiling.  Well, in the ceiling over my bathroom.  Over my bedroom the ceiling is the floor from upstairs.  The noises got louder, then the chirping started.  Holy.  Crap.  It was a squirrel.  Or maybe the Easter bunny - I didn't think of that possibility until later.  The chirping was so loud it was like the little bugger was sitting on the bed next to me.  I banged on the ceiling with a piece of PVC pipe - it wasn't quite a Morse Code "get the f*** out" message, but it was close.  The space above my bathroom ceiling is accessed through my closet, and my neighbor bravely offered to come over and look up there.  I fully expected a squirrel to fly out and land on his head, but it didn't happen.  I haven't heard any more noises so I'm hoping he got out the same way he got in.

So that's how the day started.  Roxie and I took a walk down to the river and I amused myself while she played with her little friend Zoom.

Then somebody went for a quick dip.

We trespassed all over this somewhat abandoned property.

We also did four loads of laundry and Skyped with my parents and with the Thomas family.  My dad looks good, all things considered.  I had heard through the grapevine that he was down to about half my body weight, but it was hard to tell.  Mom says they are trying to fatten him up.  I say give that guy another hamburger.

My cousin Rosana sang for the Pope on Sunday at the Vatican.  Yeah, she's cool.

Monday was another glorious day.  Poodle and I went for a six mile run.  Woo hoo - winner!  I think I had another mile in me, but I've been having hip issues and figured I would be paying quite a bit for the six miles.  (Turns out it wasn't so bad.  Moving around is fine, it's just rolling over or getting up when I've been sitting for a long time that hurts.)  We both worked on our tan, we walked down to the river with Susan and Bones, Roxie accidentally went out so far she had to swim back to shore, Bones swam like a mad dog, we went home and played ball again.  Bones came back over to visit:

It was a long and busy weekend.  I'm ready for another.

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