Friday, February 8, 2013

Show Us a Little Love

A new show opened down the street at the Museum today.  It's this one:

The premise of the show is to submit pieces that represent something you love, and each piece has a description with it explaining what it is you love and why.  I have four pieces down there - Fire Flowers (I love Windex), Heart of Gold (the first painting I did after Nonna died), I Fly (the word painting that says WHEN I RUN I FLY) and a new one called Blue Skies:

That's my girl.  Speaking of my girl, here she is from the other day, getting comfy and playing with a new toy:

She doesn't really fit on there, but she loves it.

We ran three miles outside yesterday.  Yes, outside, in February, in Montana.  It was quite glorious, although I actually ran only about 2.25 of those miles, and poodle was barely trotting.  Momma was slow.  And Momma's knees weren't very happy about the whole idea.  We got back home, ate some junk for dinner, read a book, then worked on four paintings.  Here's one, so far:

Hey now, don't judge.  It took an artistic eye, a light hand and three different shades of yellow to make this mess.  I am awesome.

As a final note today, here are some poodle parts:

She's a keeper.

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