Thursday, February 21, 2013

Q & A

I have a lot of seemingly random questions for the universe.  For instance, why does a typical mortgage last for 30 years?  Who picked 30?  And why is it that, in the animal kingdom, it is usually the male of the species who gets all prettied up to attract females?  Think red-wing blackbirds, or peacocks, or even lions.  And conversely, why is it that with people you often see dumpy looking dudes with pretty hot looking chicks, but never the other way around?  Recently I had a couple of my universal questions answered, but they were questions I didn't consciously realize I had.  I found out that SPAM stands for spiced ham.  Whew - glad to know there potentially is real meat in that can.  My dad likes SPAM, and a meal I remember from my childhood (and still make to this day but with hot Italian sausage instead) is diced SPAM and a potato browned in a frying pan, then eggs scrambled in.  It makes great pile food.  Then there's Arby's.  Did you know that stands for the letters R and B spelled out?  And - lightbulb moment - the R and B stand for roast beef.  This photo notwithstanding, I've never been much of a roast beef fan, so I've never eaten at an Arby's, so I've never thought about the origin of the name.  But now I know.  I feel so much better.

I forgot to take pictures of my private collection last night so all you get today is this:

Am I the only one who is mildly disturbed by the number of paintings I have accumulated in a relatively short time?

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