Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Broken Record

Poodle and I ran three miles outside on Thursday.  I mentioned that already, didn't I?  We also ran three miles outside on Sunday.  Then changed our shoes, grabbed the camera and walked a mile and a half. Warm and sunny weather in February is a rare thing indeed.  I took some pictures but they are still in the camera.  Not to sound like a broken record, but Poodle and I also ran three miles outside on Monday.  Cold, cloudy and windy, but still clear roads.

Here is a bee:

Did you like that segue?  My favorite kind - nonexistent.

Anyway, I ordered this photo frame from one of our vendors a while back because it was being discontinued and I've always loved this moulding.  The frame has been at home, in the box, for months, waiting for just the right thing.  So I painted a bee.

Bees and flowers, bees and flowers.  I also painted a poodle-ish painting.  I must have been on a flower theme.

Recognize that yellow background?  This is "Daisy Dog."  The third painting I was working on yesterday will probably end up in the trash.  I'm not liking it.  I will salvage the canvas if I can, but the paint is pretty thick and I might not be able to paint over it.  Time will tell.

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