Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stupid Human Tricks

I think I am developing some kind of neurological disorder.  I trip over my own feet a lot.  On Thanksgiving Day, I was carrying a fresh-from-the-oven pre-baked pie shell to cool in the other room, when I tripped over my own feet.  Ouch.  Got some good carpet burn on my knee, but I didn't let go of the pie plate.  Today, in what has turned into a terrifically unfortunate event, I tripped up the stairs between the gallery and the work room (that would be a grand total of two steps).  You know how you tend to flail your arms out when you trip, in an effort to catch yourself?  I flailed.  And I smashed my arm on the corner of our computerized mat cutter.  Ouch.  Two hours later and I've got a huge goose egg on my arm and it hurts like crazy.  I think I cracked a bone.  This is particularly bad news considering the amount of crafty crafty and cookery cookery stuff I need to do tonight.  I.  Am.  A.  Dope.

In other news, however, Derek may have sold my "A Thousand Christmas Trees" painting.  We will know tomorrow.

And in different other news, I shipped a box with four paintings in it to The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Burlington, Vermont for a non-juried show called Small Works.  Each piece needs to be less than 12" in any dimension. It is a two month exhibit, from December 7th through January 26th.  I didn't know what to send, since I wanted all the pieces to relate to each other in some fashion.  I ended up with four abstract pieces, one of which I just noticed I don't have a picture of at all.  Poo.  So that's that.  Go to the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine Street in Burlington and buy my paintings.  You would make a girl with a goose egg on her arm very happy.

Of course, when I win Powerball tonight, I will be giving my paintings away for free.

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