Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brown-bagging it.

Brown-bagging it.  I thought of that title the other night when I couldn't sleep.  It's accurate to a point.  For my third ornament wreath, the brown and red one, I bagged the brown.  Get it?  Bagged the brown?  Yeah, I'm funny.

This one might be my favorite so far, even though it is not the colors it was supposed to be.  For some reason it was harder to finish than the others.  I had to stop in the middle and finish it the next day.

Start to finish, excluding shopping time (I do not like shopping), one of these takes about three and a half hours.  I was maybe two and a half plus hours into this one and just got stuck.  Had to go to bed.  That was on Sunday.  By late Monday night, we had this:

Notice - there is no brown.  I still think brown and red would be pretty, it just didn't happen here.

I had an unfortunate incident with my hot glue gun while making this wreath.  They're not kidding when they say  "hot" glue.  Put a nice blister on my finger.  And poodle got so bored she put herself to bed with Stitch.

Actually, I think she is having just as hard a time as I am with the heat in here.  There is a non-existent sweet spot on both of my heaters.  In the living room/dining room/kitchen/art studio side it is either too hot or too cold.  And lately it has been too hot.  I would love to be able to keep the heat really low during the day when I'm not here, then turn it up at night.  But it wouldn't be worth it because it takes too long to heat up.  In my bedroom, it is either too hot or no heat at all, and if I go with too hot I wake up with a bloody nose every morning.  So now I have no heat on in the bedroom and about a zillion comforters on the bed.  Too hot on one side of my wee home and too cold on the other.  I should sleep in the bathroom, where it is just right.  Me and Roxie and Stitch and Charles, the spider.  Yep, he's still here.  Yep, I named him Charles.  Doesn't mean I won't squash him like a bug if he comes out of hiding, though.

So here's the other thing that happened on Sunday and Monday.  Take my advice on this:  engaging in a grand total of zero exercise for the entire month of October is no biggee.  Unless you join a fitness challenge on Facebook and commit to 50 squats per day for a year starting on November 1st.  Fifty squats per day for a year is no biggee.  Unless you join the challenge on the 4th of November and owe 200 squats.  Two hundred squats is no biggee.  Unless you engaged in a grand total of zero exercise for the entire month of October.  I did 100 of the 200 squats I needed on Sunday.  Again, no biggee.  Monday morning I could barely walk.  So poodle and I did the logical thing - ran three miles to loosen up the old quads.  It was a beautiful day outside and yeah, I was going to bang out some squats after that run, no problem.  I got five.  And they hurt like you would not believe.  So I figured I would do sets of five, crying like a baby between sets.  Guess what my total was for Monday.  Six.  That would be six.  And Tuesday I still had a hard time getting around.  Today was much better, and tomorrow we will get back on the squat wagon.  By tomorrow I will owe 300 to catch up.  I don't think I will be doing all 300 in one day.  No way, no how.

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