Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming Sooooooooooooon!

GUESS WHAT!  I ordered my camera today.  I'm still $150 short in my camera fund, but I ordered it anyway.  Woo hoo!  Pardon my shouting, but I CAN'T WAIT!  It will be here soon. Very soon.

On another subject, poodle and I went for a three mile run after work yesterday.  That's our first run in 10 days and I tell you, three miles every ten days isn't going to cut it.  I will be hitting the treadmill soon because it is getting dark early -- we cut it pretty close last night.  The change in temperature has been a difficult adjustment, more inside than out.  As you may recall, it is colder in than out at my wee home, all year 'round.  I turned on the heaters in both rooms last week and had to leave them on.  Usually I don't turn on the heat until I get home from work, and only in the living room, then turn it off either before I go to bed or before I go to work in the morning.  My heat has been on for a week straight.  I did turn off the bedroom heater yesterday, tho.  My choices are heat and a bloody nose every morning, or no heat and sleeping in fleece head to toe.  Right now I'm choosing the fleece.  People have been saying lately that we are going to have a wicked cold winter this year.  Let it be known:  I.  Am.  Not.  Ready.

Today is day 10 of no soda again.  Gonna see if I can make it into November.  All the money I am saving on soda (and potato chips) means extra money for my camera fund, right?  RIGHT!

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