Thursday, September 6, 2012


My apologies in advance to those of you who are my friends on Facebook - you get to see some of my pictures twice.

Labor Day weekend was a stunner here in Western Montana.  On Sunday we left work early and went for a drive.  Topless.

We left the back half of the roof on - it's a two-person job to remove it, and you have to disconnect some stuff.  Plus, Roxie isn't a wind-blowing-in-her-hair kind of dog.  She spent most of the ride in the backseat.  Until I stopped to take pictures.  Then she got in the front seat to pose.  I love the second picture above.  Love.

Speaking of pictures, I have added a camera to my wish list.  As soon as I finish paying for my laptop, I'm going to start saving my pennies for a new camera.  When I was in Vermont I used my sister and brother-in-law's Canon, and it was most excellent.  I took some really great pictures with that thing.  Having been a dedicated Olympus fan for the past 30 years or so, it's hard to think about changing brands, but I have this in my shopping cart on Amazon.

And speaking of jeeps, first of all I intended to get up early this morning to drive down to Polson to register the jeep.  Didn't happen.  My temporary registration expires on the 8th.  Second of all, this is the color palette we are painting with currently:

It's a little 5" x 7" panel and I'm going to call it "Sweet Pea Study" or some such nonsense.

The end.

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