Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eleven days

Here is my report.  The first eleven days of July have produced 45 miles (34 running), 250 squats and 3 finished paintings.  Yesterday was a seven mile day.  Woo hoo!  Longest run of the year so far.  Actually, that's my longest run in about 22 months.  I'm thinking of running the Two Bear Half-Marathon again this fall, but don't want to commit yet.  My friend Corey and I ran it two years ago, and for some reason it totally kicked my ass.  Slowest half marathon time ever.  So last year I registered for the full marathon.  Yeah.  Whatever.  This year I want to run the half again with two goals in mind:  end the race feeling good, and beat my last time by at least 10 minutes.  In the meantime, I'm building up some mileage, and my legs are very, very happy.

So.  Paintings.  Here is the second finished piece of the month:

I call it a Hello Kitty flower because it reminds me of Hello Kitty and it is only 5" x 5".  That second picture is at a weird angle so you can (hopefully) see the texture in the flower.  I'm going to paint a few more in different colors and hang them as a group.  It will be awesome and you will love it.

This is the third new one:

Bigger.  8" high x 16" wide.  We have moulding here for it that will look fab, but I need to put a second coat of varnish on it first.  Then boom.  Done.

Wait until you see painting number four....

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