Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 20

Here are my stats, after 20 days:

74 miles
550 squats
5.5 paintings

I have only run twice this week, but both were 8 milers.  No short runs, no medium runs, 6 miles of walking. I am a bit behind in the squat department, but I will catch up in the next couple of days.  The #4 painting I was so excited about is still not finished, so that one gets bumped down the line.  The new #4 is the second Hello Kitty flower.

As a side note, that little pink stapler is a piece of shit.  Don't buy one.

The #5 painting is Derek's birthday present.  I finished it early because I thought it might need a steel frame, and the turnaround time on those is a bit longer than on normal moulding.

Derek picked up a third job this spring "consulting" for some friends who were opening a new shop here in the Valley.  It is called Montana Adventure Sports, and they sell bikes, stand up paddle boards, all the requisite accessories, some clothing, and in the winter they will have skis and snowshoes.  Getting back to his roots, Derek is spending time working down at MAS "wrenching" in the bike repair department.

The painting started out ok, but as soon as I added the MAS signature colors (or my interpretation thereof), it all went to hell.  So I played around with some texture, which didn't help any, then decided to let it dry and paint over it later.  That thought lasted about five minutes, so I scraped the paint off, then put it back on, added a few other colors, messed around for a while, then smoothed it all out and added the MAS colors again.  And I liked how it turned out.

The third Hello Kitty flower is up next - the background color went on last night.  And hopefully today I will also finish the one I think will be hilarious.  That will be #6.

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