Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 * 100 * 1,000

My birthday month ended with a bang.  We hosted an artist's reception on the 29th and it was craziness all over.  I cannot believe today is already July 1st.  So, briefly, I have set for myself a July challenge.  During this month I will finish 10 new paintings, I will run or walk a total of 100 miles and I will do 1,000 squats (building a better butt, one squat at a time).  I might add push ups to that 1,000 category - the jury is still out.   I'm starting all of these things today.

I also booked my plane ticket today for the big, monumental, larger-than-life family reunion in August.  I fly Wednesday, August 15th to Vermont, and back to Montana on Tuesday the 21st.  Hinesburg will be on ukulele overload that weekend.  It will be awesome.

That is all.

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