Sunday, June 24, 2012

Workin' workin' workin'

I haven't finished any of the pieces I started this past week.  Not yet.  The one I am working on for the show at Persimmon is done with paint, but now I have to wait for the varnish to cure before I go to the next step.  Technically it takes two weeks for the varnish to fully cure and I don't have that much time.  So I'm waiting until the last possible moment before I keep working.  That's as much information as I can share without giving anything away.  Except that if it works out it will end up as a shadowbox.  Keep your fingers crossed.

In the spirit of not finishing anything I've started, last night I started something else new.  HA!  I think it will be cool, if I don't screw it up.  Tonight and tomorrow I will finish at least two pieces (not counting the shadowbox thing), maybe three.  Problem is, they all need frames and we are so SLAMMED at work right now, there's no point bringing in more of my stuff.  This week was crazy.  In the last couple of days, among other things, we sold three paintings, a wall-hanging tile piece, a console table, Derek took in a framing order that involves stretching a canvas that is taller than I am, I just finalized a framing order for nine pieces, we have to pack and ship a metal buffalo sculpture to Milwaukee, AND WE ARE HOSTING AN ARTIST'S RECEPTION ON FRIDAY NIGHT!  That means a total re-hang of the gallery this week when Louise brings in her new work, plus five of the new pieces need to be framed.  A box full of new work from another artist is on its way, and things are just crazy nonsense around here.  Welcome to summer in Bigfork.

Phew.  It's all good.  And even better, today is the first day in ages that I am not wearing fleece.  The sunshine is making an appearance.  Since I haven't finished anything new, I want to revisit an older painting that I love love love, because this is what it looks like right now.  "The Pond."  Although the water isn't this blue, the yellow flowers are blooming.

Oh hey, I almost forgot.  Yesterday, after work and after an appointment at a client's house, Roxie and I went for a two mile walk.  We were halfway down Carly Lane when something caught my eye in the road.  My first thought was, "Huh.  Nobody around here has a dog that looks like that."  My second thought was, "Oh."  My third thought was, "Shit."  A bear crossed the road right where we were headed, and I couldn't tell if it kept going through the woods (towards my house, incidentally) or if it stopped by the side of the road.  And Roxie was not on a leash.  We had a minor freak-out moment, then risked life and limb and kept on walking.

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