Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I had a fabulous birthday weekend.  It started on Saturday night when Derek's parents drove 200 miles round-trip to take me out to dinner.  Awesome.  Sunday morning we slept really late, then ran 4 miles, then played ball, then went to the store and got a piece of cake, then went for a 12 minute vacation, then walked 2 miles, then ate cake, then walked another mile.  It was a perfect day.  On Monday we didn't sleep as late as usual (which was weird), ran 4 miles, played ball, went to the laundromat and the grocery store, walked a mile three different times in between rain showers and finished a painting.  Roxie had a somewhat traumatic experience -- a little cat that looks like Groucho Marx tried to adopt me, and chased Roxie away.  Then poodle found a deer and they eyeballed each other a bit.  The deer came a little closer.  Roxie got a little closer.  They were about 10 feet from each other when the deer bolted, and Roxie chased it to the woods.  I'm pretty sure she thought they were playing.  And maybe they were, because a minute later Roxie came running back and the deer was chasing HER.  It was hilarious.

Here is the painting I finished last night:

La di da.  I have a bunch of half-finished paintings at home and it was my intent to work on them this weekend.  But I did other things instead.  Hell, I didn't even drink the bottle of birthday bubbly that's in my fridge!


  1. What was your 12 minute vacation? I first thought it was when you were eating your piece of cake, but you mentioned eating cake a little later.

    1. I went tanning at the gym. They got new bulbs in the tanning beds so my usual 15 minute vacation was knocked down to 12. I call it a vacation because I pretend I'm at the beach. Yes, I have a rich fantasy life!