Thursday, May 10, 2012

To post or not to post.

That is the question.  I've had this painting sitting at home for weeks.  I really like it.  Abstract stuff like this doesn't appeal to all people, I know, which is why I've kept this one at home.  Out of the public eye.  But as I said, I really like it.

My current problem is that I've built up quite a collection of paintings that need to be framed, and although I know some pretty good framers, they are wicked busy.  So the pile grows, and in the meantime I can't put anything new on my Etsy store or in the gallery.  Poo.  Not enough hours in the day.  If I were smart, I would paint some things that don't need frames, but I'm not that smart.  My Coke Zero habit killed off too many of my brain cells.

Speaking of which, today is day ten of no soda.  Woo hoo!  And so far this week Roxie and I are up to twenty miles of either walking or running, with another three on deck for after work.  Which is now.  Gotta go bye.

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