Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like a lamb

Isn't March the month that is supposed to come in like a lion?  Not so much here.  And not so much in Vermont, which is where I spent the first four days of the month.  With the exception of Sunday, which started with almost no snow on the ground but by the middle of the afternoon looking out the windows we felt like we were in a snow globe.  Fast forward a day and I got back home to no snow.  Today it is sunny and warm.  Craziness.

Vacation was a lovely break from work.  I ate too much bad food and gained 20 pounds, didn't bother trying to catch up with my burpee challenge (I am soooooo far behind), saw a great movie, went on a reconnaissance mission through Lamoille County, met Nacho - my cousin Mary Jo's friend from high school, got my hair curled, hung out with the wackiest kids I know, and bought a painting at my favorite Vermont art gallery.  It was a good way to spend a week.  Now I am home with my poodle-face, getting back into the swing of things.  Today was a day of playing catch-up; I finished nine of the 15 things on my list so tomorrow will be the same.  And I almost forgot - on Thursday I will get to see my clock!  Derek framed and assembled it while I was on vacation and since I am at work by myself today and tomorrow I won't get to see the finished piece until Thursday.

Laundry calls.  Must go.

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