Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Accidents happen....

On Monday I went to a hobby store in Kalispell looking to see if I can make an idea in my head materialize in real life.  It is doubtful, because it involves something like graphite pencil and varnish.  But I bought about two dollars worth of experimental stuff, and since I hate to put a paltry amount like that on a debit card I also got a tube of paint.  And this is what happens when you buy a new tube of paint, open it, and it explodes all over.  Sigh.  The new color is some kind of grey that looks darkish blue.  I didn't want to waste what fell out of the tube, and these were the other colors I had out on my counter.  Frankly, these are not my colors at all.  Ironically, however, this painting matches what I am wearing today (discounting the black and white zebra-print fleece vest).  I don't have a name for this painting yet, but it is some kind of flower.  And for a while it will live in the "that's ... interesting" pile.

My Dick Blick order arrived yesterday and I got some 4" x 4" and 5" x 5" canvases.  My tag line is "Small art for small spaces," but now it will need to be "teeny art for teeny spaces!"

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