Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not quite right

Everything I have painted the last few days has come out so-so.  Not exactly wrong, but not quite right.  For instance, I found a painting I really like on Etsy and tried to use it as inspiration for a piece of my own.  Meh.  That one may be salvageable - we'll see.  If so, I will post a picture.  Then I tried to paint my clock for this year's "It's About Time" show at the Museum.  Double meh.  Still salvageable, but not as a clock face so back to the drawing board, which is quite unfortunate because - ironically - I'm running out of time (show opens March 2nd and I need to paint, dry, paint, dry, varnish, varnish, assemble and frame -- yikes!).  The beauty in the accidental non-clock piece is in the way the colors work together but mostly in the texture, and I don't think that will show up in pictures.

I also painted a piece to show the woman who contacted me about Take Back the Night.  I wanted to give her two choices, but I'm not sure I like the new one.  It sat at home for a couple of days before I decided it was worth varnishing.  If it gets a halfway decent reception when I bring it to work tomorrow I will photograph it.  And then I found this pear in a drawer - it obviously didn't quite make the cut back when I painted it, but now I like it.  So I painted the canvas and put it together.  Not sure I like the dark green color I chose for the canvas, tho, and that would be in keeping with all the other so-so stuff I've done lately!

This is called "Little Big Pear," partly because it reminds me of the really big pear I painted, and partly because it is little (6" wide x 8" high) yet too big for the paper.  And there you have it.

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