Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Just a quick note while I am here at work for a minute and have access to a computer.  Since this gift has arrived at its final destination, now I can post a picture.  I sent this to my Uncle Tato as a thank you for being my first Etsy customer.  It took three tries to get something I liked (hence the delay in shipping - sorry, Tato), but I think the end result was pretty good.

Roxie and I are going back home in a minute to sit around and read some more.  Today was supposed to be the third day of my three-day weekend, so of course here I am at work, right?  Oh well.  I have another three-dayer coming up next weekend.  My big task for this afternoon, besides laundry and making a giant vat of creamy broccoli soup, is figuring out how to use the Kindle my family sent me for Christmas!  I need to go sit in the car outside the library to snag their wifi, and download something.  Otherwise, I will be reading the dictionary that came pre-loaded.  Roxie isn't so much into the whole sitting around and doing nothing routine, but she has been a good sport about it.  I thought for sure she was going to be sick on Sunday -- Christmas Eve a plate of cheese and crackers was left unattended on a side table that is poodle-height, and suddenly the cheese was gone.  Hmmm.  I told her we don't like cheese, but I guess she didn't believe me.  Anyway, no ill effects, thank goodness.  Cheese.  Yuck.

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  1. Christine, THANK YOU for the Christmas surprise.