Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 7th

Nothing new has been painted or cooked or beaded or otherwise created in my home, so I'm just basically checking in to say I have nothing to say.  I am still recovering from last week - enjoying a lowered stress level.  Speaking of last week, I was so taken with my pink tree I never showed you the wreath I made:

When we were emptying out a seldom-if-never used stairwell at the Museum before the event, we found this enormous grapevine wreath.  It is painted a grayish slate blue color.  It hung for a gazillion years in the gift shop, but at some point it was retired to "storage" in the stairwell.  I bought a roll of ribbon, added a strand of lights, and repurposed both the wreath and some holiday decorations one of our Board members donated.  Voila.  I am quite proud of my efforts, and someone actually bought the darn thing.

I took a two-question test yesterday to determine my spirit animal, and it was a grizzly bear.  I guess that explains my overwhelming desire to hibernate....

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