Thursday, December 22, 2011

... and two more!

Monday morning I got an email saying two more of my paintings sold on Etsy!  WOO HOO!  Someone named Kevin from Indiana bought these:

"Sloppy Kisses" and "Wild Flower."  Wow - that was a surprise!  I hope he likes them in real life.

It is late Thursday afternoon, and we are making progress on our needs-to-be-done-before-Christmas list.  Today we crossed off more names than we added.  Derek left a little early to deliver three pieces and to finish the Costco food shopping for Christmas Eve dinner, and after work I am going down to the house to start chopping the nuts I toasted last night for panforte.  We have made panforte every Christmas for probably the last eight years -- it is a traditional Italian yummy made with hazelnuts, almonds, citron, dried pineapple and apricot, orange zest, cinnamon, cocoa and honey.  Wicked good.  I will take pictures when we slice one on Christmas Eve.

Tonight I also have to finish a painting I am giving my landlords for Christmas (they gave me the best Christmas present ever - free rent for December).  Tomorrow will be another fun-filled work day, hopefully finishing everything on the above-mentioned list.  Then tomorrow night I have to bake a bunch of cookies.  Saturday we will be at work from 10:00 until about 1:00, then in the car to Missoula.  Home again Saturday night, and thus begins my three days of doing nothing except sleeping, reading and laundry.  Derek is heading to parts west for a week, so Roxie and I will be staying at the house where it is warmer and there is a washing machine.  A three day weekend, three and a half days of work, then another three day weekend.  I.  CAN'T.  WAIT!

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