Wednesday, December 28, 2011

140 Posts

So today marks the beginning of another year for my blog.  One year ago on December 28th, Paint on Purpose was born, and it took me 140 posts to fill an entire year with mindless drivel.  Not bad!

I have a lot of goals for this coming year, but as we all know I am really good at setting goals and really not good at achieving them.  So I have a plan.  I have a lot of mini-goals, very achievable mini-goals.  I am hoping this will keep me on track -- all the little successes will add up to some big ones.  Of course, some of my goals are entirely beyond my control, and therefore perhaps I should call them dreams.  But they are still going on the list.  I have big plans for this year, big plans.  Here is my inspiration:

Rock on.

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