Sunday, November 27, 2011

Festival of Trees

Let's talk for a minute about how much white paint I used last night.  Just for a minute.

I always thought I was drawn to bright colors, and I am constantly saying how I love to see different colors get all swirly with each other.  So why is it that the paint I use most often is white?  Huh.  Last night I was painting the base for the tree Frame of Reference is donating to the Festival of Trees, a fundraising event for the Museum down the street I am chairing.  All donated items need to be at the Museum in the next two days, and I'm just getting started.  I've had ideas percolating in my head for weeks and, as I've already mentioned in a previous post, the tree looks fabulous in my head.  Now to see if the reality is as good as the fantasy.

Anyway, white paint.  Loads of it.  And yes, of course, like you even have to ask, I did get plenty of paint on my clothes.  Sigh.  I have already posted a picture of one of the ornaments I made.  Now here is the tree topper:

Stay tuned for the finished product.

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