Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painter's Block

Yeah hi.  It's me.  I've been suffering from a little painter's block the past couple of weeks, but I think that might be over.  Unfortunately, I have simultaneously been suffering from a little writer's block.  I have four canvases and one panel at home waiting for their words, I just can't figure out what those words are.  And in an unprecedented move, I am going to show you one of them.  I don't like to show people my unvarnished canvases because the varnish really makes the colors pop.  So, against my better judgment, here you go:

See my problem?  I have no idea what this is trying to say.  Ergo, writer's block.  Poo.

Anyway, loads of other things have been happening these first two weeks of September.  First a report from Vermont, specifically Route 4 in Killington.  You remember this:

I think my dad took that picture on Monday or Tuesday, August 29th or 30th.  Here is what the same part of Route 4 looked like on Friday, September 16th:

Holy.  Moly.  How crazy is that?  They put the river back where it belonged, cleared out all that crap, rebuilt the roadbed, paved it and put the guardrails back up.  I don't think they ever found the house that totally washed away (it used to live just to the right of the stump pile -- the base of the For Sale sign is right in front of the pile).  Amazing.

Updates from Bigfork:  the airstrip right down the road from my house had been turned into a heli base because of the wildfires nearby.  This thing was my neighbor for quite a while:

I call it the Sigourney Weaver helicopter because I can't remember its real name.  Hold on a sec - let me look it up .... oh yeah, a Sikorsky something-or-other.  Although it might be an Erickson Air-crane.  I don't know.  I'm sticking with Sigourney Weaver.  There has also been a smaller white helicopter -- the kind with the bucket swinging below.  That one flew right over my house every time it left the airstrip.  Needless to say, air traffic in my neck of the woods has been heavy.

Bear traffic has also been heavy.  My neighbor told me last week he has seen a momma black bear and two cubs at least 15 times this summer between his house and my house.  I told him to stop hogging all the bear sightings.  The very next day I saw a black bear down by his house.  Roxie and I sat in the car on the side of the road watching it for a bit.  Cool.  Two days after that, we were walking down Carly Lane and there it was again, sitting right in the woods by the side of the road, not moving, watching us.  Oops.  We went back home.  Judging from the amount of non-poodle poop in our yard, I think a zoo passed through this week.  Crikey.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have come out of retirement, and I chaired my first meeting as President of the Interim Board of Directors of the Bigfork Museum of Art and History on Thursday morning.  (Side note:  I used the word "of" six times in that sentence.  I'm sure that's a grammatical no-no.)  I never thought I would end up back on that board, let alone as president again, but here we are and all is well.  We are going to kick ass and take names.  Game on.

Poodle may be going in for another hoof-ectomy this coming week.  I think they will have to remove the whole nail this time.  Her toe is pretty swollen and I am afraid to try and trim the nail myself.  She is not limping or anything, and we went for a two mile walk yesterday and played ball twice.  But her foot could be a mangled and bloody mess and she would still want to play ball.  What a dork.

On a final note, I have turned over so many new leaves this year there aren't any left.  Enough said.

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