Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you. And you. And you.

The biggest reason why my festival experience was a positive one is because I had a lot of help.  Derek did almost all of my framing, helped me with set up and tear down, priced my artwork, schlepped furniture and did countless other things.  Including everything on the To Do List I posted a few days ago (except the sleep part -- I got that one myself).  Deborah came downtown bright and early on both Saturday and Sunday to help me set up the booth.  She gave us a tutorial on how the panels and rods and support thingies work, and then hung almost everything in the booth.  And Eletra, Derek's mom, came up from Missoula for the weekend to hang out with me.  I am eternally grateful for her enthusiasm and her belief in me.

I think an event like this would be easier for me in a town where I don't know anyone.  I could probably be a better self-promoter to strangers.  All in all I had a good time and got a lot of positive feedback.  I sold some pieces and got one, possibly two, commissions.  I also got a sunburn on my lips.  Huh.  Not sure how that happened.

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