Monday, July 25, 2011

Techno savvy

Last night I went to bed wicked early because I was one hundred percent exhausted.  Just beat.  I turned out the light, stuck my cold feet under a warm poodle, and then ... tossed and turned like a ship on turbulent seas.  Huh.  Thought for sure I would be out within three seconds - four tops, but there I was, eyes wide shut.  (I don't know what that means but it sounds right.)  I was awake ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG.  Got up once to make fried eggs (and killed two enormous spiders in my bathroom -- eeeeww).  Got up once to get a notebook to make a list of things to do today.  Got up a third time to read.  There should be a nap in my immediate future, but so far - at 3:10 p.m. - I am still wide awake.

Anyway.  Getting back to why I was so exhausted.  Yesterday was a long run day.  Twelve miles that took forever.  My knees held on way longer than last time but gave out at the end nonetheless.  Lesson learned?  Maybe a full marathon in 48 days is not such a great idea.  I may downgrade to the half, and work on my speed instead.  Find another half or a 25k to run in October as well.  We are taking it under advisement.  We being me and my knees.  Surprisingly, I feel pretty good today.  I can even walk up and down stairs like a normal person.

On a totally different subject, I signed up for something quite clever.  Intuit, the company that makes Quickbooks, has created Intuit GoPayment.  There is a credit card reader that hooks on to the audio jack of your cell phone and lets you accept credit cards through your phone.  I signed up and downloaded the droid application.  Now I wait for the card reader.  In the meantime I can take a credit card payment by manually entering the card number into my phone.  If you want to experience the awesomeness factor of this yourself, send me your credit card number.  Heh heh.

So.  Even if nobody buys any of my art at the festival, I will still look technologically savvy.  Although I guess at least ONE person has to buy something so I can show off my savvyness.

I ordered more varnish on Saturday and I'm afraid some other things slipped in there too.  Probably more funky weird paint colors.  I can't wait.

Speaking of funky weird paint colors, Derek calls this Flowers of Death.  But I like it.

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