Sunday, July 3, 2011


My parents and I went up to Glacier National Park yesterday.  It was a stunning day in Western Montana, and every person in the world was in the Park.  Normally, this would mean it was crowded.  Since Going-to-the-Sun Road is only open 16 miles in from the West entrance, this means it was WICKED crowded.  We saw no wildlife.  Zero.  Zip.  Then we had lunch by the Hungry Horse Reservoir.  We saw no wildlife.  Zero.  Zip.  Then we went back home and found a turtle digging what we figure is a nest right by my driveway.  That was our wildlife sighting for the day.  The famous Wild Rocky Mountain Turtle.  Hmmm.

Sybil has been painting at my house.  I think this is a tadpole.  Does that count as a second wildlife sighting?

This is NOT what it looks like.  At least not intentionally.

And this one falls into the category of "I have no idea."

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