Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Do It

One year ago today Ubu died.  I still miss her but I know she is in a better place.

Today Derek built some of the frames for my abstract paintings and I framed three of them.  This is going to be a problem.  I liked these paintings before, but now I REALLY like them, and I want to keep them for my very own.  Here is your framing lesson for the day:  a frame can make something bad look good, or something good look great.  Conversely, a frame can make something good look bad, so choose wisely.  I have a bunch of paintings at home that are not going to make it out of the reject pile, even with an awesome frame.  I also have a few that I know I will like better once they are framed.  Like this one:

On another note, yesterday I decided I might run a marathon this fall.  Today I decided to just do it.  The Two Bear Half Marathon kicked my butt last year -- I registered about two weeks before the race, didn't really train, and suffered for it.  It was my slowest half marathon time ever.  This year I want to run the full 26.2, and hope it will be my fastest marathon time ever.  Having only run one other marathon, this may be an easy goal.  Having to add 18 miles to my long run over the course of only two months, this may be a difficult goal!  Stay tuned.

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