Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Mess

So this morning I get to work and first thing I do is dump half my smoothie all over my desk.  Grr.  My stapler is in the trash now (the only working stapler I had), and I missed the mouse by [this] much.  After the blender incident the other day I am wondering if someone is sending me a message:  STAY AWAY FROM THE SMOOTHIES!

It occurred to me last night that since I paint and cook in essentially the same space, sometimes at the same time, I may inadvertently be creating scratch-and-sniff art.  If so, this hot mess is taco salad:

This one isn't actually a keeper; it really is a hot mess.  Started out as something else entirely, then became something quite cool, then it wasn't as cool when it dried, then I added something that totally wrecked it and when I wiped it off it left a blueish sheen.  All of which, of course, you can see in this lousy photograph, right?  But I bet it smells like taco salad.

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