Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whoa, Nelly!

It has been a comedy of errors in my itty bitty studio lately.  Actually, it has been a routine of near-miss dumb-ass moves.  Two highlights:

First, I wanted to finish this piece,

so I needed to paint the canvas.  Normally I would slap some paint on, add texture to the sides, wait a day for it to dry, add the pear, wait for the medium to dry, then varnish.  Time consuming, yes, but relatively easy.  The fly in this ointment was that I didn't have enough of a dark red paint to cover the canvas.  I don't like to mix paint on a palette - when I mix colors it is more of a mingling rather than a mixing so I do it right on the painting itself.  I don't do it to create a new color, I like to see them all swirled up.  Does that make sense?  (I do actually have something I use as a palette, for painting words mostly.  Strangely enough it is the plastic lid from a bucket of ricotta cheese.)  Anyway, I needed to mix some colors and because it made perfect sense at the time, I did it right on the canvas.  So far, so good.  Until I turned the canvas sideways to paint the side, and didn't notice until it was ALMOST WAY TOO LATE that my blob of paint was cleverly sliding down the face of the canvas, and mere moments away from hitting the floor.  Oops.  Quick save.

Second close call involved this one:

I don't know what happened but I had to make another quick save as the canvas was taking a nose dive to the floor.  Ended up with hand prints all over the wet canvas and paint all over me.  Bleh.

I painted a ginormous pear but it is still in the questionable phase.  Not sure if it is going to make the cut.  Stay tuned....

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