Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Saturday last my parents went to a surprise birthday party for Poldi.  In honor of his birthday, I wore this shirt for my 4 mile run:
Actually, I wore this shirt for all ten of my running miles last week.  It was so full of stink it could stand up all by itself. 

The wind was crazy here over the weekend.  At one point on my Saturday run I got such a huge tailwind my ponytail was out in front of me.  Normally this would be great, but unfortunately I was on an out-and-back, and this happened just as I was about to turn around.  When we got home Roxie and I were playing ball in the field and we watched a six foot long branch fall out of a very tall tree.  I picked up another huge branch that had stabbed itself into the ground with such force I could fit my entire hand into the hole it left.

Spoiler Alert:  Did anyone else cry like a baby when Reepicheep sailed away into Aslan's country?

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