Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Hi.  It's me.  Just wanted to mention that the Livingston Taylor concert last Saturday was FANTASTIC.  He is a wonderful performer, song writer, guitar player, keyboardist and story teller.  And perhaps the best part of the concert was the OTHER concert we attended, on Sunday night.  We were invited to a private event as sponsers of the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation (which you know all about, having clicked on the link I posted a while back).  Here is a picture of Livingston Taylor performing the song I requested, "Grandma's Hands."
The second concert was less music, more story telling.  Also fantastic.  I'm glad I went.

So.  Cinco de Mayo.  I painted some things with which I am very happy, so I guess I'm not totally washed up.  They still need varnish, so no pictures yet.  Today we are rehanging the entire gallery because the artwalk is tomorrow.  The food we are serving will be Mexican, in honor of Cinco de Mayo (or Siete de Mayo, as the case will be), and tonight my kitchen will be full of drying paintings and cookies.  Pseudo Mexican wedding cakes and aniseed cookies.  I really, really need a better place to paint.  Our friend Tabby invited me to use her studio if I need a bigger space, but I would probably make a mess and feel bad about it.  And I would be jealous of her space.  She converted a free-standing golf cart garage into a beautiful studio.  I'm already jealous, and I haven't even seen it yet.  Someday....

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